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Mytico Vario

Innovation and intelligence elevated

Mytico Vario is a modern and elegant professional automatic coffee machine that inspires baristas to make various signature coffee drinks with minimal training required. It is configurable to meet baristas’ needs and allows two of them to work simultaneously. Mytico Vario puts user-friendliness first and offers a consistent, efficient, and versatile coffee-making experience with its automated operations.

Franke Coffee Systems Mytico Vario

Mytico Vario is where traditional Italian design and cutting-edge functionality meet to elevate coffee experiences. This automatic one- and two-step machine has a daily capacity of 360 cups. It also features Franke CleanMaster automated cleaning system and  iQFlow™ for consistent in-cup quality. Barista-customer interactions are seamless thanks to its low height. It fits any interior design with its customizable side panels available in six Franke colors.



Key benefits

High-performance technology

Mytico comes with all groundbreaking Franke Coffee Technologies to boost productivity and create consistent in-cup quality.

Personalized color

Make Mytico uniquely yours by choosing one of six Franke colors for the side panels to complement your space.

Ideal height

The low machine height enhances communication between baristas and customers, elevating the whole coffee experience.


Two coffee modules mean two staff can work simultaneously for faster preparation times and more coffee output.

Higher productivity

Franke Coffee Systems, Mytico Vario, BeyondTraditional fully automatic and hybrid coffee machine, beans and powder hoppers Franke Coffee Systems, Mytico, BeyondTraditional fully automatic and hybrid coffee machine, touchscreen, barista selecting beverage

Best-in-class user interface and screens

Our user-friendly touch screens make it easy to find a customer’s drink of choice or create signature drinks, boosting productivity and reducing wait times.



Choose your style



Passion for design

Mytico: Where Details Matter in Coffee Design

The Mytico line is a love story about coffee. It was a passion for coffee and design that Carlo Ciciliot of Emo design, the design company behind Mytico, brought together interesting elements and details to produce an exceptional product. Watch him describe the creative process underlying the beautiful and highly functional design of the latest Franke innovation.



Franke Mytico Vario Product Leaflet PDF (640 KB)


Supported add-ons and options

Tailor your machine to your unique needs with our built-in options and special services.


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