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Experience the power of ozone generation with the Franke EcoVent™

A pair of wall-mounted Franke EcoVent units with conduits providing treated air an adjacent exhaust hood

Help keep odors, grease, and other cooking contaminants from building up in your kitchen ventilation equipment with the Franke EcoVent™ exhaust air treatment system. Using safe levels of ozone in the exhaust duct, and never directly into the room, the EcoVent™ safely and reliably removes odors that mere filters cannot.

Key Features

Innovative technology for cleaner air

The EcoVent™ introduces low levels of ozone into the exhaust duct to continuously and safely remove odors and grease from the air – significantly reducing both in your restaurant surroundings and prolonging the life of exhaust fan motors and belts.

Simple design for long-term efficiency

With a quartz bulb that lasts 10,000 hours, and a quick-access door with safety interlock system, the EcoVent™ is a future-proof solution for your kitchen.

Flexible models for most every application

The stainless steel EcoVent™ has been designed to fit most any grease exhaust application. Mount to the end of a canopy hood, directly to a wall, or fit onto exposed or concealed ductwork for quick and easy installation.

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