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Get grease under control with the Cascade Air Filter

A tool is used to remove one of a row of Franke cascade filters from a canopy exhaust hood

Our Franke Cascade Air Filter is a must-have for commercial kitchen hoods to manage problematic grease in ductwork. It captures more than standard filters with lower static pressure and little impact on hood or fans. And when paired with our disposable filter media pads, Cascade grease captures four times more grease than standard baffle filters.

Features that deliver

Designed with the highest industry standards

Constructed from rugged stainless steel, our Cascade Air Filter is designed to with sanitary standards in mind. The filter complies with NSF food equipment design requirements, NFPA fire safety certification and ETL, ASTM, VDI international standard test certification. And for routine cleaning, the frame can be easily removed and hinged open.

Good for you and the environment

When you want to practically eliminate grease build-up, upgrade to Cascade Plus with optional fire-retardant, disposable filters approved for us in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Made mostly from wool fibers, the fire-retardant filters are biodegradable, compostable and sustainable and can be disposed of with your regular rubbish. Plus you'll save significantly on maintenance costs by reducing the number of duct cleanings needed each year.

Reducing pollution

Disposable Cascade Plus media pads are a gift to the environment. A typical QSR will save more than 10,000 gallons of cleaning water per year, and remove most of the grease and chemicals discharged to sewers through traditional filter and duct cleaning. They also sharply reduce the release of grease particles and VOCs into the surrounding environment.

Easy to install and use

We have made it as simple as possible to configure the Cascade Air Filter into your commercial kitchen. Available in a range of standard industry sizes, the filter can be retrofitted to most kitchen exhaust hoods without modifications or tools necessary. And the filter can be opened for regular cleaning or maintenance checks to ensure it always meets your quality standards.

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