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Cook like a pro – Sound Pro Hoods

Level up your cooking without increasing the sound level of your kitchen with our innovative noise-reducing Sound Pro Hood

At Franke, we don't just think about optimizing what you see and smell in your kitchen – sound plays just as vital a role. Our Sound Pro Hood produces surprisingly little noise, so your cooking can be as pleasant as possible.

Experience unrivalled noise-reduction performance with latest generation technology

Kitchens are the hearts of our homes. So much so, that nowadays homeowners and apartment dwellers alike are tearing down walls to open up more space to congregate around their kitchens. To ensure your kitchen appliances don't get in the way of your conversations or downtime while cooking, Franke's Sound Pro Hoods operate at a more pleasant sound frequency and come standard with unparalleled noise-reducing technology.


High power, low noise

At maximum power, the noise threshold of the hood is limited by up to -4-6db, depending on the model.

Air flow on the down low

Thanks to an innovative design, the integrated Sound Pro blower significantly reduces turbulence and vortex of the internal air flow.

Designs to suit your style and layout

From stainless steel to black glass to an on-trend "greige", and with installations available for walls, ceilings, or islands, you can choose from a selection of premium cooker hoods with integrated Sound Pro blowers.

Features on the luxury level

Enjoy capacitative touch controls, adaptable LED lights, a 24-hour ventilation option, recirculatory modes, and Energy Efficiency Class A+ ratings. Available on selected models.

Sound Pro Hoods in action

Fluid-dynamic optimization

Following extensive research and in-depth studies on the noise levels and sound frequencies of our blowers, we've succeeded in developing an optimal solution – next-generation technology capable of producing a more pleasant sound and overall cooking experience.

Experience the difference

Don't just take our word for it – hear it for yourself. With Sound Pro Hoods, you can experience a difference that actually makes a difference in your everyday cooking.


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