Wetroom sports facilities

Sporty - great durability combined with reliable operation, cost-effectiveness and comfort for professional shower facilities.

In sports halls and schools, sanitary facilities are every bit as important as the sports facilities themselves. In addition to sophisticated and timeless design, characteristics such as the economical use of water, hygiene, safety and comfort are of primary importance. With robust and durable shower facilities, you will safeguard your investment. We are pleased to help you with planning and can take into consideration such important functions as preventive measures against Legionella bacteria, disinfection options and protection against scalding.

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The world of Franke Washroom Accessories

The use of Stainless Steel as the material of first choice for products in public and semi-public washrooms has become today’s standard for good reasons. This material is robust and, easy to maintain, and therefore is very durable which makes the products economical over the lifetime of the building. Sanitary fixtures that inhibit vandalism and are easy to clean help building operators to keep service and maintenance costs to a minimum.

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WC Pans, Sanitaryware & Laundry Products

Designed for ultimate hygiene solutions and ease of installation in public ablutions, Franke sanitaryware products cater to a wide variety of applications, from recreational facilities, shopping centres, petrol stations, airports and stadiums.Public ablutions are subjected to heavy usage and vandalism and yet, they have to look aesthetically pleasing at all times. Franke offer a wide range of basins to suit different applications that range from upmarket shopping centres, to heavy duty industrial applications.