Hotel Reception Washroom

Beauty is always welcome everywhere - even in the washroom in a hotel foyer.

Nowadays, attractive appearance and ecological criteria are at least as important as high standards of hygiene when it comes to the sanitary facilities of a hotel. Clear lines and graceful shapes pamper your guests and foster a sense of being in good hands. On top of that, the touch-free fittings and high-quality materials are cost-effective and easy to care for at the same time. With Franke, every guest really does feel welcome, and the special aesthetics create a truly memorable atmosphere.

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The world of Franke Washroom Accessories

The use of Stainless Steel as the material of first choice for products in public and semi-public washrooms has become today’s standard for good reasons. This material is robust and, easy to maintain, and therefore is very durable which makes the products economical over the lifetime of the building. Sanitary fixtures that inhibit vandalism and are easy to clean help building operators to keep service and maintenance costs to a minimum.