Zip Residential HydroTaps

Simple, yet wonderful. Captivates, inspires, excites and never ceases to amaze. The ZIP range of Residential HydroTaps have a sleek and elegant design which turns your house into a home and work into play. It’s the antidote to all things ordinary.

The latest from the world leader in instantly filtered water!

ZIP HydroTap G4 BCS

Instant Filtered Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Water On Tap.


Wonder what makes Zip HydroTap the world’s most advanced drinking appliance? Zip's integrated Australian made innovation combines patented PowerPulse™ boiling, Direct DryChilling and ColdCore Carbonation with MicroPurity filtration technologies to remarkably transform tap water into a form you’ll instantly love.


Now available in 3 designs and 3 contemporary colours, to effortlessly complement your home or workplace.

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ZIP HydroTap G4 BA

Instant Filtered Boiling and Ambient Water On Tap


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