Quinline QLX 621-110 Stainless Steel

Quinline is a "soft edge" sink range produced in South Africa. This monoblock one-piece pressed sink has a proven track record of consistent quality and performance. The edges are folded for extra strength on the corners. Austenitic stainless steel ensures that this product performs well in high corrosion coastal areas. 

The Quinline QLX621-110 double end bowl sink – with a full and a three quarter bowl, and has dimensions of 1100 mm in length by 500 mm in width. An “Inset Installation” is required, whereby the sink will need to be installed from above into a pre-prepared hole in your worktop with the sink rim or lip resting on the top of the countertop, and are compatible with all types of countertops, including laminate. Your sink mixer then mounts directly on a sink ledge along the back edge of the sink.

Installation is simple once you have the pre-cut hole in your countertop. It simply requires you to clamp the clamps beneath the countertop to keep the sink secure, while caulking around the rim to water seal.

The sink bowl has integrated 90 mm waste fittings and new ‘designer’ basket strainer waste plugs supplied with the sink.

The draining board is recessed and is reversible, for installation on either the left or right hand side of the bowls.

Additional accessories are available to turn your QLX621-110 into a total food processing centre; a custom-fit wooden chopping board that fits and also covers the entire width of the bowl, a Stainless Steel Dish Rack Basket, Stainless Steel Dish Drainer Basket. These accessories fit snugly into the drainer and sink bowls of the sink.

With origins in Switzerland over 100 years ago, this sink comes with a 25 year warranty on manufacture defects.

Product Information

Length overall
1,100.00 mm
Width overall
500.00 mm
Length of large bowl
343.00 mm
Width of large bowl
410.00 mm
Depth of large bowl
157.00 mm
Length of small bowl
323.00 mm
Width of small bowl
315.00 mm
Depth of small bowl
130.00 mm
Position of Drainer
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