Conventional Geysers


This Hot Water Geyser is guaranteed against faulty materials and/or workmanship not withstanding anything to the contrary contained herein.


The company will repair or replace a defective unit or part inclusive of labour costs during the guarantee period. The period of guarantee is calculated from the date of manufacture as indicated on the serial plate.


This is the only guarantee given and it expressly excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied by law. This warrantee expressly covers the geyser only and does NOT cover any other part or parts of the installation which may as a consequence of the failure or defect of the geyser become damaged in any way whatsoever and under no circumstances shall Franke Water Heating Systems (Pty) Ltd. be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss suffered by the customer and/or third party.


The guarantee is subject to the following:

  • The geyser is installed in accordance with SANS 10142 1991 – Electrical. SANS 10254 code of conduct for plumbing, in accordance with the installation of fixed electric storage water heaters.
  • The serial plate is not damaged or tampered with in any way.
  • The geyser is subject to normal use and proper installation by qualified personnel. This guarantee shall however be completely invalidated if any repairs are effected by the customer or others on his behalf in an attempt to remedy the alleged fault. Under no circumstances must the unit be removed from the installation.


The guarantee period is as follows:

Cylinder5 years
Element and Thermostat1 year
T & P Valve2 years
Solar Systems



1. This is the only warranty given by Franke Water Heating Systems (Proprietary) Limited (Franke) in respect of this solar water heating system and its components (the Product). All other warranties whether expressed or implied are excluded.


2. This system is designed to heat class 1 water as defined in SANS 241:2006.


3. Provided the water used in this system complies with the above specification and its installation, use and maintenance comply with the rules set out in Franke’s solar water heater installation manual published on its website (www.frankewhs.co.za) then Franke warrants in favour of the owner of this system that the components listed below are free of defects for the following periods, namely:

  • cylinder: 5 years
  • solar panel: 5 years
  • element, thermostat and controller: 1 year
  • TP valve and drain cock: 2 years
  • seals and gaskets: 1 year


All calculated from the date of purchase on the original invoice (indicating serial numbers) or alternatively the date of manufacture of the original purchased components.


4. Franke’s liability in terms of this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the defective component only. You waive all and any other claims you may have against Franke howsoever arising from the supply of these system components or their replacement or repair.


5. Repairs and replacements effected in terms of this warranty shall not extend the period of this warranty which shall continue to apply to those repairs and replacements. Any system components returned to Franke pursuant to this warranty shall become Franke’s property.

Warranty Rules


1. Franke recommends using this device with Class 1 water according to SANS 241:2006. Since water quality is outside of Franke’s control it will not warrant this device or its components against damage caused by calcification or sedimentation or any other water quality related failure.


2. This warranty is subject to the following:


2.1. That the product is installed in accordance with SANS 10106 code of conduct for the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of domestic solar water heating systems;


2.2. that the Product is electrically wired in accordance with the SANS 10142-1 – wiring of premises – low voltage installations;


2.3. that the Product is installed as per the installation instructions provided with the Product by a qualified plumber who is, in addition, registered by the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) as a qualified solar installer;


2.4. that the following care and maintenance be adhered to:


2.4.1. the Product must be inspected annually by an accredited plumber and the anode replaced if necessary;


2.4.2. the sacrificial anode of the geyser must be replaced at least as follows:

Total dissolved solidsReplacement at least
0 - 400 parts per millionEvery 5 years
400 - 800 parts per millionEvery 3 years
Over 800 parts per millionEvery 2 years
Borehole or well waterEvery 2 years

2.4.3. the care and maintenance instructions supplied with the Product should be followed


2.5. that the serial number is legible and not damaged or tampered with in any way;


2.6. that the Product is subject to normal use for which it was intended and proper installation by a qualified plumber who is, in addition, registered by the PIRB as a qualified solar installer together with a qualified electrician;


2.7. that the Product shows no visible signs of damage or tampering.

Heat Pumps


To follow.