Geyser Warranty


1. This is the only warranty given by Franke South Africa (Franke) in respect of this geyser. All other warranties whether expressed or implied are excluded


2. This geyser is designed to heat class 1 water as defined in SANS 241:2006. In cases were poorer quality water is used inside this appliance; it could negatively affect the life span of the product. Please refer to the care and maintenance manual of the product.


3. Provided the water used in this geyser complies with the above specification and its installation, use and maintenance comply with the rules set out in Franke’s geyser manual published on its website ( then Franke warrants in favour of the owner of this geyser that the components listed below are free of defects for the following periods, namely:

Cylinder5 years
Element and Thermostat1 year
TP valve and drain cock2 years
Seals and gaskets1 year


4. Franke’s liability in terms of this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the defective component only.


5. Repairs and replacements effected in terms of this warranty shall not extend the period of the original warranty which shall continue to apply to those repairs and replacements. Any geyser or components thereof returned to Franke pursuant to this warranty shall become Franke’s property.


6. Any component or product replaced in term of this warranty will only carry the remaining portion of the original, purchased, item it replaces.

Warranty Rules


This warranty is subject to the following


1. that the Product is installed in accordance with the SANS 10254 code of conduct for the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of fixed electric storage water heaters;


2. that the Product is electrically wired in accordance with the SANS 10142-1 – wiring of premises – low voltage installations;


3. that the Product is installed as per the installation instructions provided with the Product;


4. that the serial number is legible and not damaged or tampered with in any way;


5. that the Product is subject to normal use for which it was intended and proper installation by an accredited plumber and electrician;


6. that the product is not altered in any way by the fitment of attachments that will affect the metallurgy and flow dynamics of the unit unless such modifications are approved by Franke beforehand;


7. that the geyser or the Product shows no visible signs of damage or tampering.

Care and Maintenance


1. Franke recommends using this device with Class 1 water according to SANS 241:2006. Since water quality is outside of Franke’s control it could lead to not warranting this device or its components against damage caused by calcification or sedimentation or any other water quality related failure.


2. Regular care and maintenance will ensure the extension of life on the product, and the following care and maintenance should be adhered to:


(a) the Product must be inspected annually by an accredited plumber and the anode replaced if necessary;


(b) the sacrificial anode of the geyser must be replaced at least as follows:

Total dissolved solids

Replacement at least

0 – 400 parts per million

Every 5 years

400 – 800 parts per million

Every 3 years

Over 800 parts per million

Every 2 years

Borehole or well water

Every 2 years

*in cases were calcification is present in other appliances, please treat water quality as over 800 parts per million

(c) the care and maintenance instructions supplied with the Product should be followed.

Safety and Health Warning


1. This appliance requires an electrical connection with installation and should be earthed to prevent electrical shock. An isolator switch is required.


2. Due to the nature of high pressure water vessels, the appliances can malfunction and cause serious injury or death. Please ensure that the appliances are installed by a qualified plumber and electrician.


3. Hot water carries a burning risk and high temperature setting could lead to injury and death. Please take care when utilizing hot water from this appliance.


4. Do not attempt to modify of change the working of intended valves and/or components of this appliance, it may cause malfunction, leading to injury or death.


5. The expansion valve and overflow pipe should be situated at a safe place after installation to prevent hot water from burning people and animals.