Consumer Protection Act - Code of Conduct

The Consumer Protection Act aims to provide the consumer with certain rights and protection.

Franke South Africa acknowledges and supports the new Consumer Protection Act.


Our aim is as follows:


  1. To uphold the principles of the act in all our dealings might it be in marketing, actual selling of goods or in after sales service.
  2. We strive to fair business practices
  3. We respect our customers consumer rights


 Our customers have certain rights, which we will support as follows:

The right to receive goods of quality and safety
  • We offer consumers goods of good quality to be used for the purpose they are originally intended. The consumers have the right to return goods, within ten (10) business days. The goods must be in its original mint condition, complete and in packaging, without its appearance being altered in any way.
  • Goods carries a manufacturer’s warranty, and in case the goods fail to satisfy the manufacturer’s warranty will apply, whereby consumers may return, exchange or be refunded within six (6) months of the original purchase date.
  • We will not sell goods that is hazardous for your health or which will cause you harm. Product information and usage guidelines are included in the original packaging and must be adhered too at all times.
The right to disclosure and information
  • We will provide adequate information to assist you to make an informed decision on the goods you are planning to purchase
  • Although we might not be able to assist the consumer in their home language we will endeavor to explain in effective and simple manner. We will not intentionally mislead our consumers in our advertising.
The right to choose
  • We will offer our consumers quality products at competitive pricing levels and force our consumers to buy goods they do not want. However, it might be favorable to purchase a combination of goods.
The right to redress
  • As a consumer you have various ways to raise a dispute against us. However we urge you to contact us first to resolve any issues of concern arising from transacting with us.

Any feedback from our consumers is appreciated, please do not hesitate to contact us on: