Discover the wonders of a Franke kitchen

What does your dream kitchen look like? Does it stand out with chrome-plated steel? Or is it more reserved with a fine, stone finish? Will you be cooking for one, two or twenty? We at Franke believe that every kitchen should be as unique as you are. It should be a place where you feel free to cook, eat, entertain, celebrate and more. And that’s why we want to make your kitchen perfect – from sink to faucet to oven – and from morning until night, each and every day.


The wonderful Franke difference

Wonderfully clever

Imagine a kitchen where everything worked together, looked great and had a purpose. A kitchen where all its components were designed to help you enjoy your day more. At Franke, this is how we approach the design of our kitchen systems. We work hard to ensure our solutions deliver the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality to your kitchen.

Wonderfully versatile

Are you a minimalist? Or someone who prefers bolder colors and shapes? With Franke, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Having a wide range of textures, colors and materials for you to choose from allows you to customize the kitchen you want and one that complements your sense of style.

Wonderfully innovative

For over 100 years we’ve been tirelessly improving and innovating our products and services. This history and experience has helped us design and create kitchen solutions and products that prove themselves day-in and day-out in more than 100 million households around the world.

Wonderfully impressive

We design our products and systems to be just as beautiful as they are easy to use. And because we only use carefully selected materials and state-of-the-art production methods, you can be confident that your kitchen has been built to last.


Wonderfully traditional

Founded in 1911, Franke is a company that was built on precision engineering and traditional craftsmanship. And over 100 years later, those principles and building blocks are still intact. But while some things remain the same, we do pride ourselves on being adaptable as well; constantly finding new ways to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of our customers. It’s this combination of knowing where we came from and looking to the future that has helped us become the largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks in the world.

Our mission to Make It Wonderful

Franke is a company about people. And it’s our job to inspire and amaze you. That’s why we create products to make you smile and feel special. We want you to experience products that truly enhance your life. That’s what drives us to Make It Wonderful.