New kitchen ideas to delight you

At Franke, we’ve developed many unique features for our products to improve your kitchen experience and make your day more wonderful.

Bringing new ideas to your kitchen


Made of only the finest stainless steel, our rollmat is as attractive as it is functional. Unroll this mat onto the center of your dinner table to rest hot pots and pans on and to serve your delicious creations from. And once dinner is done, just roll it back up for easy storage.

Cooking on the highest level

The Dynamic Cooking Technology (DCT) in combination with the intuitive user interface will make everyone a better cook. Also because up to four different dishes – from fish to sweets – can be prepared at the same time without impairing taste.


Franke Fast In sinks offer you quick and simple installation and impressive volume. And one of its best features is the fact that there’s no need for tools to install it!

Waste Disposal

Having a Franke waste disposal unit in your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to prevent kitchen waste. This intelligent system disposes of food scraps quickly, safely and hygienically. Keep your kitchen smelling fresh and feeling wonderful at all times.