Stainless steel

Hygienic, easy to clean and long-lasting. It’s the go-to material for professional chefs.

Wonderfully effective

It's no accident that 70% of sinks around the world are made of stainless steel. It looks good in almost any kitchen. What’s more, it’s corrosion-resistant, has an absolutely pore-free surface for easy cleaning and is extremely hygienic. Stainless steel also bonds with oxygen to form a passive protective layer that continuously renews itself. It can withstand extreme temperatures and, last but not least, it is rust-resistant.

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A unique composition

There’s stainless steel and then, there’s stainless steel. Franke stainless steel has a particularly high nickel and chromium content which makes it equally resistant to heat as well as cold.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Franke stainless steel consists of 70% recycled material and is up to 100% recyclable. For your sink, nothing but the best will do. So we source our high-quality stainless steel globally.


Precision you can see

Working with the finest stainless steel lets us create larger sinks out of a single sheet of metal with minimal processing marks. This makes your sink more pleasing to the eye.


Easy to clean

A wipe down with a soapy cloth is all you need. Then just rinse the surface thoroughly to keep your sink looking as good as new. 

Do not use bleach or other acidic cleaners.


How we achieve the beautiful finish

While many other manufacturers use ready-polished stainless steel sheets, we polish our sinks only after they have been made. This way, your sink retains its attractive shine for longer and develops a wonderfully attractive patina over time.



The ideal standard gauge

The standard gauge describes the thickness of a metal sheet, on a scale from 8 to 30. The lower the number, the thicker the metal sheet. The thicker it is, the less it can be bent or dented and the quieter it is in use. But if too thin, it becomes impossible to produce a sink from a single sheet of metal. So we take great care when choosing the right standard gauge for our sinks:

  • deep-drawn sinks in full size have a  standard 18-20 gauge
  • hand-made sinks have a  standard 16-18 gauge
  • smaller accessory bowls are standard gauge 18-22

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