Why choose granite

Not only is granite one of the world’s hardest textured materials, it’s also one of the most attractive.

Superbly hard-wearing

Sinks made of granite are particularly elegant and bring a natural look into your kitchen. Our processed granite has a subtle shine and feels warm to the touch. The surface is finely textured but not porous, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. Composed of 80% quartz sand and 20% very hard acrylic resin, Franke’s hard-wearing granite gives you a lifetime of beauty.

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Wonderful for active families

Kitchens need to be bacteria free. And thanks to the Sanitized® treatment, Franke is recognized as a pioneer in the development of Granite compounds for sinks. Sanitized® reduces the growth of bacteria on the granite surface by 99%. At the same time, the granite remains resistant to stains and high temperatures up to 536° F.



How to keep granite looking like new

In most cases simply wiping the surface with a soapy nylon brush, using a circular motion, then rinsing thoroughly is all you need do. Do not use abrasive agents, powders, bleaches or drain cleaners.


Wonderful in many colors

Fill your kitchen with beautiful color and elegant granite. There’s a Franke granite sink that’s perfect for you.