Ovens that inspire delicious creations

Life in the kitchen so often centres around the oven. That’s why we care about every single, tiny detail. So you can be sure your choice of oven will cope with even the most intensive daily demands, year after year.

A magnificent choice to suit your personal style

From the easy-going Smart,  performant Onyx and  our revolutionary Frames by Franke systems, each range offers ovens that bring professional quality to the home.

DCT – Dynamic Cooking Technology

Dynamic Cooking Technology directs the heat to let you cook different types of dishes - from fish to desserts - in the oven at the same time, without impairing any flavors. 

It’s the little things that make a big difference

Self-cleaning programs, clear displays, touch controls, comfortable handles, detachable glass fronts for easy cleaning – these are just some of the details that make a Franke kitchen a joy every time you’re using it.