Wash troughs MIRANIT

WASHINO trough made of MIRANIT resin-bonded mineral material, with a smooth, pore-free surface (temperature-resistant up to 80°C). Alpine white colour. With 4 wash places (2 wash places with a height difference of 100 mm). Wave-shaped basins with reduced extension offers increased accessibility to the faucet. Large outer radii of basins helps minimize risk of injury while large inner radii facilitates easy cleaning. Faucet deck with 4 faucet holes, 1 3/8" (35 mm). Integrated divider with overflow function made of MIRANIT, blue colour (RAL 5002). Waste and overflow valve DN 40 x 120 mm implemented as a standpipe for 2 of the 4 washing stations. Required waste fitting (sold separately) Model #100. Integral back panel for fixing

(No photo at this time. Image shown is version SANW211)

Item number

Product name SANW211

Product properties

gross weight 145.00 kg
Material Mineral material
Material code Miranit
net weight 90.50 kg
Overall front to back 18 1/2''
Overall height 13 3/8''
Overall left to right 82 11/16''
type of mounting wall mounting
number of faucet holes 4
Tap ledge yes
waste size DN 40
type of waste kit 1 1/2" duplex waste with standpipe
number of waste holes 2
number of wash places 4

Additional product information

Product Pictures
ZPO_001_2000103058-SANW211_nd1000-1x1.png PNG (977 KB)
Perspective Drawing
ZDL_001_2000103058-SANW211_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
Technical Drawing Marketing
ZTE_001_2000103058-SANW211_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
Mounting Instruction
ZMI_001_2000103058-SANW211_#SALL_#AQU_#V3.pdf PDF (1.4 MB)
Marketing Drawing
ZTN_001_2000103058-SANW211_#SALL_#AQU_#V1.dxf DXF (598 KB)
Installation Manuals Drawing
ZID_001_2000103058-SANW211_#SALL_#AQU_#V1.tif TIF (137 KB)
BIM Files / 3D Drawing
PRD_FrankeWS_WlHngWshBsns_WashinoChildrenWashTrough_SANW211.dwg DWG (865 KB)
PRD_FrankeWS_WlHngWshBsns_WashinoChildrenWashTrough_SANW211.lcf LCF (832 KB)
PRD_FrankeWS_WlHngWshBsns_WashinoChildrenWashTrough_SANW211.rfa RFA (740 KB)
ZBM_001_2000103058-SANW211.zip ZIP (398 KB)

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