MEDI-MIX, Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The MEDI-MIX point-of-use thermostatic mixing valve is designed for Medi-flo and Ozo-flo to assist in the prevention of scalding. Superior, fast-acting thermostatic element provides stable operation at flow rates as low as 0.34gpm (1.3 l/min) or as high as 5.8gpm (22 l/min). MEDI-MIX also reduces the outlet flow to a trickle in the event of cold water supply failure. Inlet and outlet connections are 3/8″ compression for 3/8″ OD tube. Inlet strainer screens help prevent the valve from being clogged with dirt or debris. A mounting clamp allows the user to securely fasten to the wall. The valve is supplied standard with check valves at hot and cold water inlets. Adjustable outlet temperature range: 95-118°F (35-48°C). Factory pre-set temperature for Medi-flo and Ozo-flo products.
Adjustable outlet temperature range 95 – 118°F (35 – 48°C). Factory set temperature range 104 – 110°F (40 – 43.3°C). Temp. hot supply 120 – 194°F (48.9 – 90°C). Temp. cold supply 39 – 85°F (3.9 – 30°C). Maximum pressure 230 psi (1600 kPa). Flow rate, minimum 0.34 gpm (1.3 l/min). Flow rate, maximum @ 45 PSI 5.8 gpm (22 l/min).
Approvals and Listings:
ASSE 1070, CSA B125.3, NSF/ANSI 372, NSF/ANSI 61, Listed by ASSE, CSA, IAPMO.

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