Hand Hygiene Sinks

White solid surface hand hygiene sink (Medi-flo) with a removable shroud. Left rear 1 1/2" (DN 40) waste location to prevent water from splashing directly into the waste. An anti-splash feature runs through the center of the sink to greatly reduce splashing. IR controls trigger an illuminated crystal clear true laminar flow water stream delivering water with dissolved ozone and other mixed oxidants on demand. Flow rate is 5l (1.32gal)/min. 

Ozonated water has been proven as a safe and extremely effective way to help sanitize the sink and keep the drain and trap free of CPOs & other pathogens. This also improves the efficiency of hand washing regardless of whether or not soap is used. Other control features include; a post-wash cycle of 3 seconds which ensures all soap residue has been washed down the sink. Any standard P-trap will also be disinfected during this process.   

Hand hygiene sinks are specifically designed for hand washing only. They are not recommended as a drinking source, for washing utensils or for draining of medical bags or bedpans. Recommended for areas with normal water conductivity in the range of 75 - 350TDS. If unaware of your local water conductivity, please contact customer service and this can easily be determined for you. 

cUPC Certified and in compliance with CSA B45.5-11/IAPMO Z124-2011 and IGC156-2012el. OSHPD Pre-approval OPM-0481-13.

Wheelchair accessible: meets ADA (Americans with disabilities act guidelines), ANSI A117.1 (Accessible and usable buildings and facilities), and CSA B651-04 (Accessible design for the built environment). Check local codes to ensure compliance.

An optional thermostatic mixing valve (MIX-LF) and in-wall carrier (IWC2104) is available. Recommended temperature is 27-35C. 

Patent Pending.

Item number

Product name HWSS2321W-00

Product properties

gross weight 24.94 kg
Material Synthetic
Material code Miranit
Overall front to back 21''
Overall height 23 3/8''
Overall left to right 23''
type of mounting wall mounting
Bowl depth 9 3/4''
Bowl front to back 17 3/8''
Bowl left to right 21 5/8''
overflow no
waste size DN 40
bowl finish high polished
type of waste kit domed waste
Wheelchair compliant Yes

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Perspective Drawing
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Technical Drawing Marketing
ZTE_001_2030032233-HWSS2321W_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
Mounting Instruction
ZMI_001_2030032233-HWSS2321W-00_#SALL_#AQU.pdf PDF (1.3 MB)

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