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This ligature resistant toilet paper holder consists of two parts - a wall bracket and a loop for hanging the toilet paper. When the bracket is mounted on the wall the loop is snapped to the bracket and the toilet paper holder is ready for use. The toilet paper holder must be mounted with two safety screws with a flat bottomed head. Its aesthetics and technology are designed to be none provoking. The loop is designed to be safe and is produced of a strong, durable and flexible plastic. This toilet paper holder is durable and can withstand over 1000 overloads, releases its entire vertical load at a maximum of 44lbs or 20KG and is tested by SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

7/8 x 6 1/2 x 6 1/8" Overall (FB x LR x H).
21 x 165 x 155 mm Overall (FB x LR x H).

Item number

Product name VR01-055

Product properties

Overall depth 13/16 "
Overall height 6 1/8 "
Overall width 6 1/2 "
Type of mounting Wall mounting
Filling quantity 1.00000
Spindle Yes

Additional product information

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