Hook for wall mounting, stainless steel, surface satin finished, 17 mm (.669") pipe diameter, drilled hole on bottom for fixation, incl. stainless steel screws and dowels.

Item number

Product name STRX692

Product properties

gross weight 0.14 kg
Material code 1.4301 Chrome Nickel steel V2A
net weight 0.14 kg
Overall front to back 2 3/8''
Overall height 1 1/2''
Overall left to right 11/16''
type of mounting wall mounting
number of hooks 1

Additional product information

Product Pictures
ZPO_001_2000057979-STRX692_nd1000-1x1.png PNG (977 KB)
Perspective Drawing
ZDL_001_2000057979-STRX692_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
Technical Drawing Marketing
ZTE_001_2000057979-STRX692_#SALL_high.png PNG (301 KB)
BIM Files / 3D Drawing
PRD_FrankeWS_ClthsHks_SratosSingleHook_STRX692.dwg DWG (522 KB)
PRD_FrankeWS_ClthsHks_SratosSingleHook_STRX692.lcf LCF (265 KB)
PRD_FrankeWS_ClthsHks_SratosSingleHook_STRX692.rfa RFA (368 KB)

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