CM-16104-WM Back Rest

Back rest for Wall Mount Toilets with industry standard spud distance to finished wall of 2 3/4" (69.9mm)to 2 7/8" (73mm). Stainless steel bar uses #4 satin finish with flanges and covers, with antique white solid core plastic laminate panel back. Concealed snap flanges and mounting hardware included. Provide adequate backing in wall for support and comply to local codes for barrier free requirements.

4 x 12 x 1 1/4" Overall (FB x LR x H).
102 x 305 x 32 mm Overall (FB x LR x H).

Item number

Product name

Product properties

Material code
1.4301 Chrome Nickel steel V2A
Overall depth
6 "
Overall width
12 "
Pipe diameter
1 1/4 "

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