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Contractors, engineers and facility managers are compelled to adhere to strict, evolving infection control standards when designing or upgrading healthcare facilities. This standard was introduced to limit patient, staff and visitor exposure to potential infection. Franke has developed a revolutionary solution to help combat healthcare acquired infectious diseases.

With a concept never before seen in healthcare, Franke developed Medi-flo, a hand hygiene sink, and most recently, Ozo-flo, a retrofit faucet. Franke integrates cutting edge technology with clever, functional design to inhibit the formation of bio-films on the sink and waste trap, and to improve the results of hand washing, regardless of technique used.

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Medi-flo hand hygiene sink


Medi-flo infuses water with mixed oxidants such as ozone - one of the worlds most powerful disinfectants.


Hygienic & Z8000 Compliant

  • All curved surfaces prevent pooling of water as well as placement of objects on the rim.
  • Integral center rib helps divert water to prevent splashing.
  • A 9 inch deep bowl meets Z8000 depth requirements.
  • Infra-red controls strategically placed inside the sink bowl ensure hands are in the optimum place for washing and splash containment.

Revolutionary Laminar Flow

  • Medi-flo's true laminar water flow (all turbulence removed from within the water stream) envelops the user's hands rather than splashing.
  • Laminar flow transmits light like a fiber optic cable. We use this property to create a stunning blue water effect when it contacts a surface.
  • An infra-red sensor will automatically trigger a 3 second post-wash cycle to help remove any soap residue and keep sink and trap clean.

Sleek Design

  • Gently contoured features on the Medi-flo invoke that residential feel and yet at the practical level directs water into the seamless waste.
  • The MIRANIT basin material is a non-porous, easy clean, artificial stone with a premium, chemical resistant gel coat.
  • Interiors with pleasing aesthetics and positive spaces improve patient well-being and satisfaction, enhance visitor comfort and even increase employee productivity

Wheelchair accessible

  • The sink is wheelchair accessible and the removable shroud protects users from possible injury. 
  • The shroud also conceals the plumbing fixtures, adding to the design aesthetic.


It's an effective oxidizer.

Ozone is twice as effective as bleach and kills bacteria 3,000 times faster.

Helps eliminate bacteria & pathogens.

Ozone safely helps prevent biofilms in the waste with every use
while improving effectiveness of hand hygiene.


Medi-flo's ozonated water is non-toxic and reverts back to oxygen and water within 20 minutes.


Read our ATP testing report measuring biofilm reduction and prevention in the sink waste.


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