Factory washroom

From clean to antibacterial – ideal washroom solutions for the health of your employees.

Nowadays, clean, hygienic, and comfortable washrooms for employees are regarded as standard amenities. And justifiably so, as total commitment and conscientious work must be rewarded. Inviting, yet durable and hard-wearing, sanitary washroom facilities should be as much a part of a modern company as leading-edge technologies in production. Parameters such as low maintenance and low service costs, energy-saving fittings, and comfort define the basis of our product range. We will support you with all key decision-making criteria.


The world of Franke Washroom Solutions

Innovative system solutions have been the hallmark of Franke for decades. The futuristic equipment elements from Franke Commercial Systems are met with great enthusiasm for their excellent quality, durability, and design. The areas of application are vast, and the possibilities are simply endless. This brochure features our North American collection of accessories.