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Franke StillPure™

Franke pioneered multi-tasking kitchen faucets and today, our beautifully designed range of point-of-use faucets, which dispense hot, cold and filtered water, are considered the blueprint for faucets that go that little bit further. Combining the considered beauty of our most stylish designs and the technologically advanced ceramic water filtration of the Franke StillPure system, make the perfect addition for a health-focused kitchen.

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How do you know it's pure?

Invisible to the eye and even to the tongue, there are contaminants, lead, toxins, industrial pollutants, pesticides, and even dangerous diseases being passed through local water systems into our nation’s homes. Unfortunately, filtration pitchers don’t offer much real protection, and bottled water just creates more refuse in landfills and pollution from shipping. 

Water isn’t just something that comes out of the tap—water brings life to your kitchen. The cornerstone of healthy living, properly filtered water is just as important for preparation, cooking, and cleaning, as it is for drinking. Only Franke StillPure gives you the confidence that every drop is as pure as possible, so that every single drop will be wonderful.


Pure water, where you need it.


When you understand the importance of truly pure water, you’ll want to use it for everything you do in your healthy kitchen. So we created point-of-use faucets that deliver completely filtered water where and when you need it. You can instantly rinse, prep, and cook with the cleanest water, because it’s always right at hand with Franke StillPure.

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What the StillPure system removes:

  • Harmful Bacteria
  • Parasites & Cysts including Cryptosporidium
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Improves Taste, Odour and Colour

What it does not remove:

  • Minerals considered beneficial for health including calcium and magnesium are left intact.

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Franke StillPure Filtration System