Details that make the difference

At first glance, some features seem to be little more than decoration; others, you may not even notice at all. Sometimes however, small details can make a huge difference. Whether it’s to save you time, make cleaning easier, boost performance or simply provide an efficient solution for life’s little challenges, every aspect of a Franke sink is carefully designed to make life easier.

Close up of a stainless steel kitchen sink with a shelf grid  in place holding ice cubes and fruit.

Franke Shelf Grids

Franke convenient multi-level grids that are designed to work with your integrated ledge system allowing you to elevate and expand your workspace for when you prep and clean. Also works as a drying rack for dishes.


Advanced Drain Systems


Franke sinks are equipped with stainless steel strainer baskets which can be used to prevent food particles from entering the drain system. But the attention to detail does not stop there; each sink is specifically designed with a slop on the base of the bowl to help water drain from the sink.

Franke Sound and Heat Insulation


All Franke stainless steel bowls are sound insulated to reduce the sound of water in the bowl. This is achieved by rubber insulation pads under the sink, or by a sprayed dynaphon layer, applied during manufacturing. The grey dynaphon spray also insulates, minimizing heat escaping from the bowl, keeping water warmer for longer.


Kitchen Solutions


Franke sinks are not only extremely versatile but they also provide a range of kitchen accessories that help you multi-task with greater efficiency. Customized cutting boards, sink grids and colanders are unique to each sink design.

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Arc Spout 
Flow Rate:
1.75 gpm 
Faucet Operation:
Side Lever 
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