The Fast-in® revolutionary installation system

The Fast-in® revolutionary installation system, anchors the sink firmly to the work surface without the need for clamps, fixing rails or screws. 

Premium design and simple installation - that's Franke Fast-in®


The unique installation system has the added advantage of making the installer's job far simpler; no under-sink fitting is required - the sink is simply dropped into the prepared cut-out and the unique one-way gripping anchors under the rim fix the sink firmly in place.

Fast-in® technology

From a visual perspective, the Fast-in® technology has enabled the Franke designers to radically reduce the width, depth and profile of the outer rim, resulting in a sink which is virtually flush with the worktop and which has a bowl and drainer which are deeper and more three-dimensional in appearance. In this way, the user will wash in the sink and not on it.