New kitchen ideas to delight you

At Franke, we’ve developed many unique features for our products to improve your kitchen experience and make your day more wonderful.

Bringing new ideas to your kitchen

StillPure Filtration System

Water quality determines everything in your kitchen, and your life. Franke StillPure system takes the guess work out of knowing when to replace your filter. StillPure tells you to change the filter before it starts passing contaminants on to your family. And there’s an entire family of Franke StillPure products to choose from, to make your kitchen water pure, stylish, and fully functional. 

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The Franke Fast-In® revolutionary installing system, anchors the sink firmly to the work surface without the need for clamps, fixing rails or screws. The unique fixing system has the added advantage of making the installer's job far simpler; no under-sink fitting is required - the sink is simply dropped into the prepared cut-out and the unique one-way gripping anchors under the rim fix the sink firmly in place. 

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Roller Mat

A truly innovative and pratical accessory  designed for any kitchen task, including drying dishes, stemware or rinsing fruits and vegetables. Made of only the finest quality stinless steel, our roller mat is as attrative as it is functional. 

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Complete Kitchen Solutions

We work hard to ensure our solutions deliver the perfect balance of style, comfort and fuctionality to your kitchen. The Franke patented integral ledge system allows optional accessories, such as cutting boards, colanders and shelf grids to turn your sink into a multi-purpose workstation. 

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