Brewing Stronger Sales at Teasters Tea

The BKON Craft Brewer™ from Franke turned tea into a dynamic morning option for Teasters' customers.

Despite its namesake focus on tea, coffee reigned supreme during morning drive-time at this Lubbock, Texas retailer. “Coffee was 85 to 95 percent of morning sales,” said founder Richard Austin. “Tea just took too long to make to-order.” Thankfully, Teasters discovered the BKON Craft Brewer™ and its revolutionary, patented technology called Reverse Atmospheric Infusion™ (RAIN ™).

Teasters' Success with BKON - In Short

The BKON Craft Brewer™ positively impacted Teasters' business by:

  • Reducing tea brewing to 90 seconds
  • Allowing tea to join the drive-through menu

With BKON Craft Brewer™ in place, the positive results at Teasters Tea Company were immediate.  In Richard’s own words, “The reason for having a high-end brewer is taste and speed. We can brew any loose-leaf tea, hot or cold, in 90 seconds. The competition cannot. That is a competitive edge.”

The BKON Craft Brewer's Post-Installation Impact

  • Customers were willing to pay more for a high quality beverage served in less time
  • Labor costs dropped thanks to easy operation. 
  • Morning traffic jumped from 10-15 percent of total business, to 40-45 percent