Breakthrough Technology Spurs Growth at Panther Coffee

Here’s how the BKON Craft Brewer™  from Franke helped jumpstart Panther’s single-origin coffee menu. 

Over the years, beverage retailers have tried without success to offer great tasting single-origin brewed coffee in as little as 90 seconds. The BKON Craft Brewer™  has turned that quest into reality for Leticia and Joe Pollock, founder/operators of Panther Coffee stores in the Miami area.

The Panther team watched as the BKON's revolutionary Reverse Atmospheric Infusion™ (RAIN™) enhanced the flavor of single-origin brews by removing CO2 from the ground coffee and creating a deeply nuanced cup... in only 90 seconds. Compared to traditional means such as pour-over brewing, "The BKON's difference was very clear to me," Joel recalls.

The BKON Craft Brewer™ positively impacted Panther's business by:

  • Providing new beverage opportunities
  • Delivering faster by-the-cup production

Impressed with the technology, Panther's founders launched their own BKON Craft Brewer™ program. For the first time, Panther’s entire single-origin coffee menu is now available, made-to-order, both hot and cold. “Customer response has been amazing,” Leticia says. “Regular cold brew customers tell us this is the best iced coffee ever."

The BKON Craft Brewer's Post-Installation Impact

Sales and revenue have increased dramatically at Panther stores with the BKON Craft Brewer™.

  • 15% increase in coffee and tea sold
  • 50% increase in cold coffee pricing ($6 hot, $7 iced)
  • 33% increase in tea pricing