Franke Transporter

   The Franke Transporter is a proven, high performance and reliable food carrying conveyor system.  Installed in over 750 restaurants globally, Franke Transporter enables the agile design of restaurant layouts. By providing the option to detach the kitchen from the point of sale,  operators can improve speed of service and reduce real estate and operational costs.

Product Overview

Stretch the distance between kitchen production and the point of sales with no sacrifice in service. In a quick-service restaurant, The Franke Transporter quickly and efficiently carries food orders from a loading point near order assembly to a remote unload point near a serving area.


Transporter Benefits


  • Enables greater flexibility in restaurant layouts for any situation
  • Provides fast and convenient access to customers with additional point of sales
  •  Allow development of restaurant in crowded cities with expensive and limited real estate options
  •  Economical to operate and maintain


Carrier Basket Transporter System

A versatile transporting system using “baskets” to carry prepared food from kitchen area to a remote customer service area, either on the same floor or on a different level. Modularized design makes it highly efficient in terms of configuration, manufacturing and installation. Automatic loading and unloading – the system can run continuously or on-demand.


Bag & Clip Transporter System

A customized transporting system using “clips” to best suit the unique project requirement. Food products are carried in bags from a loading point to a remote delivery point, either on the same floor or on a different level. Track system is typically suspended under the ceiling or enclosed above the ceiling. Automatic unloading and manual loading – the system can run continuously or on-demand.


Proven Results

The Transporter has been great for us- dependable, easy to use and it delivers food in just seconds! We have been able to expand our sales volume at many of our restaurants with a second drive thru-lane!

                                        – Eric Stogner, Manager, Kitchen Design, Leading Chicken Chain

Carrier Basket Transport System

Info Sheet - Carrier Basket

For transport of individual menu items

Info Sheet - Bag & Clip

For transport of complete orders