A1000 FLEX – coffee and espresso beverages in one machine

You no longer need to choose! We have brought the best of both worlds together with the A1000 FLEX: Freshly ground and brewed coffee plus espresso beverages and more.

Designed for the ultimate FLEXibility, let your mood and the moment decide which beverage you select. Aromatic coffee, creamy cappuccino, chocolatey mocha, and dreamy macchiato are at your fingertips. The A1000 FLEX is a complete beverage system with maximum customization.

A1000 FLEX: Unique in Many Ways

The A1000 FLEX has many unique features and technologies.
Coffee and Espresso Beverages – hot and iced | iQFlow™ | FoamMaster™ for dreamy milk foam | CleanMaster Milk Cleaning System | Multimedia touchscreen

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A1000 FLEX Features:

Coffee + Espresso – hot and iced

One machine, so many options. Franke’s cutting-edge extraction technology provides delicious coffee and espresso on-demand.

Coffee and Espresso: It’s all right here. Franke’s unique technology delivers a traditionally brewed coffee profile and espresso beverages.

Cold Water Bypass for Iced Beverages: Our ground-breaking approach is designed to cool beverages quickly so they are the perfect temperature to serve over ice, every time.

Game-Changing iQFlow™

Up to now, professionals have relied mainly on the fineness of the grind to control the extraction quality. With iQFlow™, we have developed an intelligent technology that gives you access to a whole new level of flavor extraction and product consistency.

  • Get more flavor out of the beans
  • Define your individual taste profiles
  • Ensure product consistency in every cup, every day, at every location

FoamMaster: dreamy milk foam quality

Fitted as standard, the FoamMasterTM guarantees perfect milk foam every single time, something that is sure to have everyone in raptures.

  • Unbeatable milk foam quality: The consistency and thickness of the foam can be varied, and artistic layers created
  • Outstanding consistency: Even at high outputs and under the highest demands
  • Endless creativity: Drink combinations with hot and cold milk foam or hot and cold milk
  • Two milk varieties, two parallel refrigeration circuits: Ideal for different milk varieties*
* includes dairy milk
Fully automatic coffee machine Franke A1000 FLEX touch screen

Bringing the big screen to the user interface

The multimedia interface offers almost unlimited possibilities, including top-quality video with excellent sound.

  • Enchant guests: Self-service with an attractive drinks menu, including a choice of cup size and flavor
  • Boost service efficiency: Enter large orders in a single step, avoiding errors and making the most of the machine’s capacity
  • More information for your customers: Nutritional and allergen information for each drink in a simple display
  • Extra sales for you: The drinks menu can be easily configured to suit your individual preferences, with videos and adverts to tempt your customers even more

CleanMaster: fully automatic cleaning system

The fully automatic CleanMaster cleaning system is included as standard in the refrigeration unit of the A1000 to ensure that the strictest hygiene standards are met at all times.

  • Scientifically proven cleanliness: Simpler, quicker, fully automatic cleaning for exemplary HACCP hygiene
  • Hygienic, practical milk container system: Patented system for up to two milk varieties*, with two parallel refrigeration circuits
  • Efficient cleaning process: fully automatic process with integrated cleaning cartridge for maximum convenience – safe and practical

* includes dairy milk

More FLEXibility

The A1000 FLEX is one machine with many options.

From traditionally brewed coffee and espresso beverages to mocha and creamy hot chocolate, the A1000 FLEX is perfect for convenience stores, hotel lobbies, or anywhere great coffee is needed.

The A1000 FLEX is only available in North America

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