A step ahead thanks to greater coffee expertise

Coffee culture is evolving around the world. And so are the ever growing expectations of coffee lovers worldwide. To meet these demands and stay ahead in their respective competitive environment, our partners and customers must secure best in-cup quality day after day, cup by cup, tailor their offering to their specific audiences, and continuously enhance their customer experience.

Increasing your coffee competence means selling better

In order to be able to offer consistently excellent coffee quality, you need not only the right coffee machine but also a great deal of know-how. With coffee seminars and sensory workshops, Franke offers its customers and partners the perfect opportunity to delve deep into the secrets of coffee.

In the Franke Coffee Competence training courses, emphasis is placed on practical relevance, participants' own participation and the application of what they have learnt in coffee preparation. For example, the "iQFlow™ Taste Profiling Workshop" offers the opportunity to get to know the latest technology in practice, apply it yourself and evaluate the results in a joint tasting session. 


Speak to experts and discover surprising insights and secrets to success from coffee specialists.

The Coffee Competence Program is designed and conducted by Inga Schäper, an internationally renowned coffee expert with many years of experience. Inga Schäper has built up and deepened her knowledge and passion for coffee over many years and projects along the entire coffee processing chain, from green coffee to roasting and brewing. Whether as a certified judge at the SCA World Barista Championships (WBC), setting up and further developing training centres or initiator of the "SCAE Coffee Diploma System" (today's "SCA Coffee Skills Program") - Inga Schäper is at home in all coffee worlds.

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