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Blending technology for iced beverages

Cold Water Bypass

There's nothing quite like a refreshing feeling from a cool beverage on a hot summer day. Our Cold Water Bypass technology is a ground-breaking approach designed to cool beverages quickly so they are always the perfect temperature to pour and serve over ice.

Key Features

Programmable technology

It's easy to customize our Cold Water Bypass. You can program the technology to add cold water at the same time as the coffee/espresso is made (for shorter beverage prep time), or before or after. You can also program the amount of water that bypasses the coffee/espresso.

Quick cooling

No need to worry about ice melting. Our technology adds cool ambient water (95-98°F) from an incoming water source to quickly cool beverages – for the perfect temperature in every cup.


Impress with iced beverages

The Cold Water Bypass technology is integrated into select Franke Coffee Systems. Designed with modularity in mind, you can find the perfect machine that makes memorable hot and cold beverages for your customers to enjoy.

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