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Better coffee choices raise workplace productivity

Franke Coffee Systems A300 in office kitchen, two employees, man and woman

Liven up offices with exciting coffee options

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine Franke A300 in office kitchen, fruit bowl Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine Franke A300 in office kitchen, two women
As the world reemerges from pandemic lockdowns, people are longing for the social interactions surrounding coffee routines, including coffee breaks with their colleagues where they can wind down and foster relationships. With the workplace being the 2nd top location for coffee drinking, it’s a massive potential for organizations to create memorable coffee moments for their employees. Having a variety of quality coffee options can help retain current employees and also serve as a great incentive when recruiting. Today’s coffee drinkers crave specialty drinks, yet 55% of workplaces still only offer regular drip coffee! Research shows that strong coffee offerings at work benefit businesses by increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Around 85% of employees take their coffee breaks seriously so having quality coffee at work is seen a sign that their employers care about them and value the well-being of their staff. It's a no brainer – providing different types and flavors of barista-quality coffee is a wonderful addition to any workplace.

Memorable coffee moments at work made easy

We can all appreciate great coffee quality in the workplace – Franke coffee solutions can make that possible. You can create barista-quality coffee beverages easily whenever and wherever you want. Our automatic coffee machines are all fitted with easy-to-use interfaces so you can create the beverage of your choice, from hot to cold drinks, with or without milk and flavoring, to luxurious foam toppings. With the endless variety of drinks you can produce with our coffee machines at a touch of a button, coffee at work will never get boring.

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