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“I’ll take that to go, please.”

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Coffee culture in motion.

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The trend of drinking coffee on the go is a relatively modern phenomenon, but it’s here to stay! First gaining popularity in 1950s America – when commuter culture created the need for mobile coffee – the custom has evolved from a daily habit into a widespread symbol of status and sophistication. An ideal companion for the fast-paced (and often sleep-deprived) lifestyle of today’s workers, ordering coffee to-go has also skyrocketed in parallel with the demands of modern life. However, no longer content with tasteless vending machine coffee served in a paper cup, today’s take-away coffee drinkers have high expectations!

Spoilt for choice.

To meet the demands of contemporary coffee drinkers and stay ahead of the competition, coffee shops need to make sure they fully embrace the latest trends. They also need to continually seek exciting new ways to surprise and delight their trusty clientele – whether they’re sitting in or on the move.

From self-serve machines with an array of vegan and dairy specialities, to innovative flavor combinations served up in your customer's favorite reusable cup, there are myriad ways to stay ahead of the coffee curve. The key is to never stand still.

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