Urban Kitchen Sink - Doing the dishes is in fashion

Washing up becomes more popular with these stylish Granite Sinks


With your new Franke Urban Fragranite coloured sink

You won't need to ask for help with the washing up. It's so convenient and even fun to work in and around these stylish sinks - so much so that your guests or family members will happily ignore the dishwasher and volunteer to wash the dishes by hand. And they can enjoy the look and feel of a modern and functional sink.

Don't be afraid of scratches or dents

These ultra-modern sinks are made of Fragranite, an extremely solid and easy-to-clean material consisting of 83 percent quartz and 17 percent acrylic resin. The colour is thermochemical bonded to the quartz particles, so it looks new and untouched for ever.

Special Antibacterial treatment

Sanitized® supports your normal cleaning routine with a built-in protective function that helps keep sinks clean. Fragranite treated Sinks with Sanitized® reduces bacterial growth by 99% providing long lasting protection for the entire useful life of the sink.

Looking for the right tap?


Our Urban Granite Sinks pair perfectly with Franke Urban Tap. Available in a wide range of colours and in both versions: Pull-Out Nozzle and Swivel U-Spout. 

Or take one of our Franke Stainless Steel taps. If you are young – or at least young at heart – and have a feeling for aesthetic design, the new Chrome finish models are exactly what you are looking for. 

Endless colour options

Our Urban Granite Sinks are available in our best selling colours: Onyx, Graphite and Stone Grey+ 3  newest trendy colours in Sage Grey, Denim Grey and Orion Grey. Find out more about our Fragranite Material –  Franke Granite

Installation Options

Besides the choice of colours to complement your kitchen, Franke Urban sinks come in various bowl sizes, and include a strainer bowl as well as a waste kit. And thanks to the new Franke patented easy-flushmount installation system, the same sink can be freely installed as a bold inset,or as a flushmount seamlessly integrated into the worktop.

Kitchen sink installation, made easy...

Not sure how to install your new Urban Fragranite Sink? Watch these videos below:

Granite Sinks from the Urban Range

Sinks made of Fragranite are very sophisticated and bring a natural touch into every kitchen. Fragranite feels warm to the touch. Despite constant use, Fragranite will remain virtually unscathed, thanks to its unique mix of materials that makes it highly scratch-resistant. Treated properly, your Fragranite sink will last a lifetime.

Urban | UBG 610-78 | Fragranite Onyx | Sinks
Urban UBG 610-78 Urban

Urban UBG 610-78

Cabinet Size:
800.00 mm 
Length overall:
780.00 mm 
Width overall:
500.00 mm 
Urban | UBG 620-86 | Fraceram Graphite | Sinks
Urban UBG 620-86 Urban

Urban UBG 620-86

Cabinet Size:
900.00 mm 
Length overall:
860.00 mm 
Width overall:
500.00 mm 
Urban | UBG 610-56 | Fragranite Onyx | Sinks
Urban UBG 610-56 Urban

Urban UBG 610-56

Cabinet Size:
600.00 mm 
Length overall:
560.00 mm 
Width overall:
500.00 mm 
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