Bring style, convenience and cooking into your kitchen

For home chefs and cooking lovers, Kitchen is the artisting center of life. Because in addition to simply finishing a dish, cooking is more a wonderful experience full of rituals and aesthethics.

In the Making

Premium materials , innovative products and sophisticated savoir-faire - these are just of the reasons why our kitchens can be found in more than 100 million households around the world.

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A Kitchen Sink made by Nature

From "sand" to a Colorful Fragranite sink build to outlast. 

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Redefining Your Space by Rethinking the Sink

The melody of Cooking starts from the Sink. Therefore, when it comes to create innovative kitchen, Franke redefines the sink. It integrates all the necessities to ensure the daily functions. It can be top mounted or flush mounted on the thin side, to perfectly align with the countertop. 

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More Thoughtful Kitchens

A reputation built-up on high-quality sink manufacturing over the last century, FRANKE soon started to explore the kitchen as a system rather than a stack of ill-matched kichen elements. Glimpse into one of our factories and our innovative-always new products.

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