Wonderfully practical

You demand a lot from your kitchen, and your kitchen demands a lot from your sink. That’s why strength and durability are just as essential as outstanding beauty. Tectonite combines these elements beautifully to create sinks offering design freedom and peace of mind.

Wonderfully innovative

Exclusive to Franke, Tectonite represents a huge advance in synthetic material.

With it’s unique texture and stunning, granite-like appearance, Tectonite composite sinks are available in a range of exciting minimalist designs and colours.

Wonderfully straightforward

Place hot pans in your sink without a worry, Tectonite is heat-resistant up to 300oC.

And while Tectonite is light in weight, it’s much more resistant to impacts and blows than comparable materials. So even if you drop something on it, it’s less likely to show any scuff or chip.

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Simply wipe clean

Thanks to its coated surface, your Tectonite sink is protected against stubborn stains and bacteria. For day-to-day purposes, a simple wipe down with a soapy cloth is sufficient to clean your sink.

Tectonite is anything but difficult. You can use any cleaning agent you wish to clean your Tectonite sink.

Further care tips


Always colorful

Thanks to its UV protection, Tectonite does not fade. Even years later, your sink will still be the same color as the day it was installed.

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