Wonderfully elegant fireclay

The perfect blend of nature and design, fireclay is made of liquid ceramic which is then fired to create a material that feels incomparably smooth and is tremendously hard-wearing. Whether you prefer classic or modern design, you will simply love the delicate shapes and expressive colors of our Fireclay sinks.

Made by fire

Fireclay by Franke is fired for 20 hours in a tunnel kiln at 2200° F. This process creates an extremely hard  surface, scratch-resistant, heat-proof and impervious to acids and bleaches.


A lifetime of service

Fireclay is entirely natural, very stylish and amazingly practical. We apply a dirt-repellent finishing polish which means that any mess, tea or red wine stains can simply be wiped with a little soapy water. A Fireclay sink is yours to cherish, year after year.

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How your fireclay sink is made

Liquid ceramic – consisting of quartz, china clay and kaolin – is injected into a mold under high pressure. Before it dries, surface imperfections are smoothed with soft sponges and an even surface is created with water. Next, holes for the faucet fittings are made. It can then take several days for a large Fireclay sink to dry at room temperature.  The final drying temperature reaches 320° F and takes around 40 hours. Finally, we fire the sink for 20 hours in a tunnel kiln at  2200° F. At every stage, each sink is subjected to stringent checks performed by experienced experts to make it wonderful for you.

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How to look after your Fireclay sink

A daily clean with a soft damp cloth and normal washing-up liquid is all it takes to keep your Fireclay sink looking like new. Avoid abrasive liquids or powders, drain cleaner or cleaners for steel and tap fittings.

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Colors made of fire

After drying, the sinks are smoothed once again by hand and the final glaze sprayed onto the surface. The thickness of the glaze and consistency of color is closely monitored to ensure an even finish.