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Savor the flavors of the autumnal season

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Warm yourself from the inside out

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As the long summer days shift to cozy autumn evenings, customers’ cravings follow suit. While menus of hearty meals invite us to indulge in the slowdown, seasonal beverages play an important role in lifting spirits, warming hands and nurturing souls. Whether your customers embrace the calm of a pumpkin spice latte or boost their moods with additional flavors, our insight into trends and ability to seamlessly tailor your flavors ensures that every cup you serve is one of comfort.

Thinking outside the coffee

Besides the pumpkin spice craze, vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut still dominate what most customers crave. That's not to say that's all there is – more flavor profiles have drawn the attention and picked up momentum in the hearts and mouths of many.

With an increased interest in personal health and well-being, from wanting more nutrients to needing less caffeine, coffee lovers have poured more than just their favorite roast into their cup. On their tables have been matcha, turmeric, chai and even adaptogenic lattes – a blend of medicinal mushrooms that bring balance to our body's systems. Always with the option to add an extra pep in their step with a shot of espresso, of course.

Franke's integrated technologies and modular solutions make all of this possible, reaching a wider audience who seek cafe-inspired, barista-quality beverages. Whether they prefer traditional or a plant-based alternative, their cups can be finished off with a flawlessly frothed milk of their choosing, thanks to FoamMaster™ and IndividualMilk technologies – perfecting any style of milk while safely storing them separately. Top off their taste profiles with our Flavour Station, a customizable offering of up to 6 syrups for customer favorites or seasonal selections. And for the added espresso shot, iQFlow™ gets the most out of every roast, extracting more taste from every bean than ever before – ultimately serving your customers the most delectable "dirty" version of these drinks.

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