Thermostatic mixing unit

PURETHERM - thermostatically controlled mixing unit DN 15 for a constant temperature water supply of pre-mixed warm water, with connection unions, non-return valves and dirt strainers. Temperature selector for adjusting the temperature from 30 to 65 °C. Thermostat with expansion element (wax) and fastening made of brass, stainless steel springs, housing made of raw brass. Volume flow 38 l/min at a flow pressure of 3 bar (free outlet).

Item number

SAP# 2000111051
Product name PURE0025

Product properties

Diameter nominal DN 15
Thermal disinfection No
Control Mechanical
Pressure gauge No
Kind of supply For decentral supply
Type of thermostat unit Surface installation
Volume a flow pressure of 3 bar with free outlet 38.00 liter per minutes

Additional product information

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