R3 Franke system box for in-wall mixers

R3 basic installation kit for in-wall mounting of finished installation kits DN 15 with mixing unit, for shower facilities. For connection to hot and cold water. Franke system box made of plastic, 174 x 225 mm, with connection screws, shell protection, flush connector for flushing, and leak test.

Item number

SAP# 2030036141
Product name F3BX2001

Product properties

Overall depth 80.00 mm
Type of mounting In-wall installation with box
Application Showering
Outlet size G 1/2 B
Type Built-in-box
Article group F3BX2001
Diameter nominal DN 15
Type of mixing With thermostat / mixer
Position of power connection Top
Barrier-free No

Additional product information

Optional accessories

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