FLUSH-S electronic urinal flush valve

Finished installation kit for FLUSH-S non-touch, opto-electronically controlled urinal flush valve DN 15 with battery operation for installation in walls. With self-closing solenoid valve cartridge, control electronics with sensor and stainless steel cover plate 120 x 150 mm, 6 V lithium battery.

Item number

SAP# 2000108749
Product name PRTR0013

Product properties

Type of mounting In-wall installation with box
Type of operation Sensor operation
Protective system IP IP40
Power supply connection Battery 6-V
Diameter nominal DN 15
Calculation flow rate cold water 0.30 liter per second
Functional principle Electronic self-closing
Minimum flow pressure 0.50 bar
Inlet size G 1/2 B
Type of flushing fitting Urinal flush valve
Material casing Stainless steel
Surface finish casing Satin finished
Default automatic hygiene flushing 12h after the last activity
Type of sensor Opto-electronic sensor
Maximum flow pressure 8.00 bar

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