F5 Line

The F5 - Line in three technologies

F5 line with 3 Plus X prizes – awards

The F5 fittings range has already won the PLUS X AWARD 2019 in four categories: High Quality, Design, Operating Comfort and Functionality. This visually and haptically stunning line of washing and shower fittings was presented with the world's largest prize for innovation by an international expert jury.

It was awarded yet another seal of approval in May. The F5 series was named Best Product of the Year 2019 because this line of products won awards in more categories than any other range.

But even that wasn't enough: As the most successful brand in the fittings category, Franke received the Best Brand of the Year 2019 special prize!

The new F5 - Line of taps captivates through its geometric combination of cylinder and cuboid. With large transitional radii and simultaneously precise edges, the design language can be found without exception in all of the taps used for washing and showering that are part of the line.

As single lever mixers, self-closing and electronic taps, the taps in the F5 - Line leave nothing to be desired in terms of convenience and design.