AQUAPAY - Paid supply of water

Cost effective and environmentally friendly

High water consumption and continuously increasing operating costs are typical indicators of frequently used shower facilities. Campsite operators therefore benefit from the use of a paid supply of water. In particular, this system makes operating shower facilities more economical, saves valuable water and energy resources and makes cost accounting easier.

When combined with the intelligent control technology of our network-capable F5 shower fittings, this guarantees individual, consumption billing. Reducing operating costs does not come for any price – it goes hand-in-hand with convenience and hygiene for users, thanks to state-of-the-art electronic taps. 

The AQUAPAY system offers the option to fit each individual shower with a separate AQUAPAY coin-operated controller or to fit up to 31 showers that use a single coin-operated controller.

System representation of AQUAPAY in a row shower system

The coin-operated controllers are easy to use and stand out thanks to their logical user guidance. If multiple showers are connected, the shower area can be selected easily at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the coin-operated controller can also be retrofitted to use tokens, transponders or chip cards. The shower user only pays for the length of time for which they use the water. They can interrupt the water flow at the tap as many times as they like until they have reached the total usage duration for which they have paid. Any remaining credit is deleted after five minutes of inactivity. Integration into the AQUA 3000 open water management system is always possible.

Coin-operated controller for paid supply of water


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