Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome. Here you will find some of the questions frequently asked by our customers. If you cannot find the answer to your question, simply contact our Customer Service. We look forward to helping you.

Are all sinks available in left hand and right hand drainer format?

All Franke sinks are available as right-hand or left-hand drainer - where a sink is only available in one format this is always specified on the specification sheet and in our brochure. Reversible sinks automatically offer that choice.

Are plumbing kits needed?

Plumbing kits are not included as standard with Franke sinks. You will need to purchase a Franke plumbing kit separately when ordering your sink with your reseller.

Can I fit a Waste Disposal Unit in my Franke sink?
  • Waste Disposal Units can be fitted to any Franke sink that does not have the fully-integrated hygienic waste. Please check which waste your desired sink uses before ordering a waste disposal unit.
  • This information can be found on the specification sheet and in our brochure.
How do I clean the overflow?

Most Franke sinks have rigid overflow pipes and can be cleaned by pouring boiling water into them. Alternatively, use a proprietary cleaner.

How does one apply earthing to a Franke sink?

Despite any regulatory enforcement in common with many sink manufacturers, Franke have taken it upon themselves to make provision for a mechanical bond to be made to inset sink models. This is often done by utilising one of the cut-out points for the clips along the length of the clip rail. In the case of sliding clips (e.g. laser-edge profile sinks), Franke make a hole at the end of the clip rail length where the bond can be accommodated.

How does one fit undermounted sinks?

This depends on the worktop but we would recommend that you seek professional advice.
A template and fixing clips are provided in the box.
Some circumstances may allow for fitting a bowl directly to the worktop. Alternatively a plywood template can be made to the size of the sink, which will effectively 'sandwich' the sink flange, when addressed to the underside of the material.
We would recommend the use of a sealant between the flange of the sink and the worktop to avoid any water ingress.
In all cases, you are advised to consult your supplier.

Where can I see a colour sample of a sink?

Normally at your local reseller, however if you have difficulty, swatches exist for colour matching. For this service contact customer services on 09 964 0400.

Will my sink come with a tap hole?

Typically most Franke inset sinks are supplied with one central tap hole, however, if you are unsure, please check with your reseller or contact customer service. Additional tap holes can be punched in some sinks and must be requested through your reseller at time of purchase.

Do I need to install a pressure limiting valve?

In order to comply with the warranty terms and conditions, a pressure limiting valve must be installed.

What is the WELS water scheme?

The WELS water rating label provides water efficiency information for water-using household products.
The label carries two important pieces of information to help the consumer to compare products - stars and water consumption or water flow figures.
For better water efficiency - the more stars the better and the lower the number the better!

The label shows:

A one to six star rating for a quick assessment of the model's water efficiency - the more stars on the label the more water efficient the product and

A number showing the water flow per minute (plumbing products) based on laboratory tests.
For this and more information, please refer to

What is a pull-out tap?

A pull-out tap contains an extractable hand-piece that allows you to have greater control over the direction of your water flow.

What is an adjustable spray?

Adjustable sprays are featured on some Franke pull-out taps and are clearly marked. These taps have a button that, when d epressed, distributes a gentle flow through the head of the tap, suitable for cleaning vegetables, etc.

Will any accessory fit my sink?

All Franke accessories are custom-made and typically designed to suit a limited number of sinks. It is important that you know the model of your sink before purchasing an accessory from your reseller as it may not fit correctly.

What is the storage capacity of the Franke soap dispensers?

All Franke soap dispensers can store up to 500mL of fluid and can be filled from either the top or bottom of the unit.

Waste Disposal Units
Does my Franke Turbo Waste Disposal Unit have and 'Auto Reverse Function'

One of the advantages that the Franke Turbo Permanent Magnet Motor disposers have over standard Induction Motor WDUs is the starting torque - Franke Turbo WDUs are up to full speed within the first revolution.

Most jams occur at start-up because food waste will be stuffed into the disposer until it is full (this is not the correct wayt o use the disposer but is more reality).

The Franke Turbo's initial high starting torque gives it the advantage to break through the waste already put into the disposer. Under similar conditions and induction motor disposer can jam as it tries to push the waste around while it builds up speed. When the induction type motor cannot push any more and becomes jammed the "Auto Reverse" feature gives the ability for the unit to run in the opposite direction to break away from the jam condition.

I am fitting a Waste Disposal Unit to my sink - how do I connect the overflow?

As the overflow would normally connect to the Baskey Strainer Waste, you need to purchase either a WDU Connector for a single bowl sink, or a WDU Converter for a bowl and a half sink. These can be purchased from our service agents.

Is a Waste Disposal Unit expensive to operate?

A Franke Turbo Waste Disposal unit consumes roughly the same power in one month to lighting a 100 watt light bulb for one hour, therefore operating costs are relatively low. The high torque fast grinding Franke Turbo units use very little water.

What is a Waste Disposal Unit 'Air Switch'?

The Franke air activated control switch button operates continuous feed waste disposa units from a point determined by the consumer, e.g. on the worktop or possibly even within the sink perimeter.

Air switches are safer than electric switches because they keep the electricty away from the users' hands. The air switch control mechanis usually mounts under the sink (or is incorporated into the Waste Disposal Unit itself), where it remains dry. From the activated control switch button, an air tube connects with the switch controller, which in turn operates the unit.

The benefit is that the operational switch avoids the necessity to have a wall mounted toggle switch (which itself is electrical), and is therefore neater and safer to operate.

What is the difference between a Batch Feed and a Continuous Feed Waste Disposal Unit?

Batch Feed model is activated by loading the chamber and rotating the WDU plug. Continuous Feed models are operated by an Air Switch (or alternative) and waste is fed through the open neck of the unit. In both cases, a continuous supply of water is necessary whilst the WDU is in use.

When someone does NOT wish to utilise the Air Switch (e.g. if they are hard wiring the WDU to a standard electrical switch below the cabinet etc.) what is the procedure?

Yes - by following the following procedures:

1. With the disposer mounted on the sink and line cord connected to a wall outlet receptacle, turn "ON" the wall mounted switch.

2. If the disposer is "OFF", depress air switch actuator to turn the disposer "ON".

3. With the disposer "ON" pull air switch hose from disposer connection and discard air switch actuator and hose.

4. Turn the disposer "OFF" by turning off the switch, usually controlled by a wall mounted switch.

5. Operate of disposer is now controlled in a typical manner by the wall mounted switch.

General FAQ
How can I link to the Franke website or obtain a Franke logo?

Please contact our office on 09 964 0400.

How do I obtain brochures?

Go to the Brochure Download page on this site.

Where can I get spare parts?

Contact our service department on 09 964 0400.