Designing taps to the finest standards

The tap is one of the most constantly used items in your kitchen. So we place huge importance on creating products that stand the test of time and make your kitchen a more wonderful place to cook and entertain.

Kitchen Taps

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Made for your style

From extravagant to purist. From satin nickel to polished chrome. Whether you prefer a flexible, pull-out head or integrated water filter, the Franke tap range meets every need in every kitchen. Your favorite Franke tap will be the perfect match for your ideal Franke sink. Come and see.

Pulldown & Pullout taps for amazing flexibility

So easy to use. Control the temperature and flow of water effortlessly and precisely with one hand.

  • With the Pulldown Spray, the spout is connected to a hose you can pull out to where you need your water flow. Ideal for washing salads as well as filling pots.
  • A Pullout Spray has a swivel-mounted tap neck and a spout you can pull out sideways for extra versatility.
  • A combination of Side Spray and main tap offers you even more options for your day-to-day kitchen tasks.

Our recipe for commercial taps

Restaurant efficiency meets professional engineering. Easy rinsing and washing plus precise control and flexibility, no matter how full the sink.

  • Dual Function Spray keeps water flow under total control and lets you alternate between stream and spray features.
  • The heavy-duty, pullout Flexible Coil Hose makes it easy to reach every part of the sink.
  • A High Arc Spout makes light work of handling even the largest pots and pans.
  • And experience precise control with the 360o Swivel Spout which is also a pullout spray.

Drinking Water Tap

The ultimate in safe, fresh filtration. Choose from instant hot and cold filtered water from a single source with Franke point-of-use taps.

The Hot Water drinking tap gives you perfect temperature boiling water in an instant for drinks and instant hot food.

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Just | Pull Out Nozzle | Chrome | Taps

Just Pull Out Nozzle

Pull Out Nozzle 
Ceramic Cartridge 
Pyra Light | Pull Out Nozzle with LED Lights | Chrome | Taps
Pyra Light

Pyra Light Pull Out Nozzle with LED Lights

Pull Out Nozzle with LED Lights 
Ceramic Cartridge 
Sinos | Swivel Spout | Chrome | Taps

Sinos Swivel Spout

Swivel Spout 
Ceramic cartridge Ø 25 mm 
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