Mythos Fusion MTG 620 Fragranite Onyx

Product Information

Cabinet Size 900.00 mm
Length overall 910.00 mm
Width overall 515.00 mm
Length of large bowl 460.00 mm
Width of large bowl 390.00 mm
Depth of large bowl 210.00 mm
Length of small bowl 340.00 mm
Width of small bowl 390.00 mm
Depth of small bowl 210.00 mm
Cutout Length 890.00 mm
Cutout Width 495.00 mm
Cut-Out Template No
Position of Drainer Reversible
Position of small bowl Right hand side

Article Numbers

FUN# 114.0202.636
Code MTG620 ONYX


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Mythos MTG 620

Cabinet Size:
900.00 mm 
Length overall:
910.00 mm 
Length of large bowl:
460.00 mm