Cleaning, maintaining and polishing stainless steel

A clean bar is a nice bar to work in. That is why the Franke Beverage Equipment products and systems are specially designed to make cleaning as simple as possible. In this article we show you how you can best clean and maintain the different materials.

Easy daily maintenance

The lifespan of a sink is very easy to extend with regular maintenance.This prevents dirt and lime from building up in the sink. This general maintenance can easily be done by cleaning the surface of the sink and work surface with a soft cloth, warm water and soap. With this simple way you keep the sink and worktop nice and clean.


The stainless steel that Franke uses for its products is of premium quality. By using this premium quality stainless steel this ensures that the sinks look shiny, have a fine micro-polish and are resistant to rust and corrosion. As discussed above, soapy water is sufficient enough. By using the Franke Twister once a week you keep the sink shiny and in top condition.                                    

Franke Twister is a paste that is applied to the sink or worktop (excluding hot-rolled worktops) and let it soak. Next, rinse with water and rub dry with a clean cloth.

Franke Twister is easy to order in the Franke webshop .


Something that is inevitable linked to stainless steel sinks and countertops are scratches. Scratches are caused by daily use, there is that can prevent this. Through time all these small scratches give the sink or worktop a nice appearance. If there are deeper scratches, they deserve extra attention because they stand out in the sink or on the work surface. These deeper scratches are best removed with 3M Scotch-Brite or Muscle Steelix.

Stains and rust

If rust stains arise on stainless steel, this is due to iron particles that have come on the stainless steel surface of the sink or work surface. These iron particles cause an oxidation reaction with the stainless steel as a result. When the iron particles are removed from the stainless steel, the oxidation stops. The rust spots can be easily removed with Franke Twister. Do not use steel wool or the abrasive side of scouring pads to remove the rust stains.

What should you avoid

  • Cleaning agents that contain hypochloride
  • Silver or copper polish
  • Leave citrus fruit, salt, vinegar, mustard, pickles, pickled onions and mayonnaise on the surface for a longer time. These foods can cause pits and rust.
  • Strong acids such as dental cleaners, etc.
  • Use of steel wool for cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining taps

Only clean kitchen faucets with soapy water and a soft cloth. Products with acetic acid, bleach and strong antibacterial agents damage the surface and affect your warranty.